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About Skräp Work

Skräp Work started in 2015 with a long time dream of being creative someday. Before Skräp Work, I was a dental assistant for 14 years. My dad, a carpenter by trade, began dismantling old buildings and saving the old wood. I left my job to help him collect and sell the reclaimed wood. In between the daily work, my dad taught me how to use the tools in his shop. I starting letting my creative side and vision run free with all the Skräp wood that surrounded me. Together we made up NEI Architectural Salvage and Skräp Work.

Since January of 2020 I am now on my own creating Skräp Work and evolving each year with my own unique style. I still get a lot of my reclaimed wood from my dad as he is settling into retirement. I also have a few other sources for finding reclaimed wood and love mixing the old with the new wood. The new wood is beautiful in its own form and each compliments each other. My husband a cabinet maker and owning his own business has allowed me my own space in his woodworking shop conveniently outside our back yard. He has taught me even more about woodworking, tools and different wood species. It never gets old mixing and the woods and creating one-of-a-l=kind pieces from the mixture of woods. My style and design is simple with a rustic touch. I love using the wood as it is found with its natural color, patina and character. There are no two pieces alike and my color pallet is always changing.

The drive behind my creativity is my family. They are my everything and I feel blessed to have their support in my pursuit of creativity. I am not sure how I landed this dream job, but I did, and I thank you as well for all your continued support over the years. It has been a fun journey and I never know what will be next in this chapter of creativity.


Dawn & Dad
Dawn & Dad