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The Schoolhouse will be open and filled November 19th and 20th from 10-6 both days. We are working hard at mixing old, new, handmade, modern, rustic and everything in between to make your holiday gift giving unique and special. You loved Fenacopias plants so she will be coming back with lots of unique plants to gift to others or yourself! My dad has been busy making some rustic trees again this year. And our friend Jason will have a assortment of goods available too. Along with a few other surprises as they unfold. I promise this will be so much more than you can find at any show or market I attend or online!

Join us for our holiday event happening Friday November 19th and Saturday November 20th 10-6 both days!

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In the spring of 2018, NEI Architectural Salvage and Skräp Work had the opportunity to dismantle a one room schoolhouse that originated in the Madison township between Ridgeway and Decorah. Saving it and working to preserve the unique building's charm sounded more fun! We successfully moved the structure to our onsite location and have been working to restore as much of the original charm as possible. Don't worry, we also added a little of our stamp to the schoolhouse. It is currently being used as a studio space and a location for occasional sales.

Our goal is to give our customers a unique shopping experience by bringing in our signature Skräp Work , architectural finds, handmade home decor, and plenty of unique touches. We also like to bring in touches of other makers and artisans we have crossed paths with. Each one with their own unique talents and work while also complimenting ours. Check back to learn more about our upcoming events in our charming space. If you are in the area or would like to stop in between openings just give us a call and we would be glad to open the doors for you. There are many things we do not list online but will have available at the school house.

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