Your Guide to Skräp Work


We hope this page answers some of your burning questions about Skräp Work and the buying process. Our main goal is to have happy customers and we strive to make it as easy as possible to snag a piece of Skräp Work.

General FAQs

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?
Yes and no. We do not have set hours or days rather occasional openings in a little schoolhouse. This building was moved to my parent’s property for occasional openings and studio space. With all the changes in the past year, we have moved a lot of our sales online and our products can be found in a couple of local specialty shops.
Do you do custom orders?

I do not do customs but will customize select wooden rounds with your choice of word, name, or monogram. More details on listings when available or restocked.

What kind of paint do you use? Does the paint contain lead?

Except for the blacks and some of the smooth white, I do not paint the colored wood you see in my work. This is how the wood was found and the colors and chippiness are a result of aged natural beauty. The reclaimed wood originates from the late 1800-early 1900 farmhouses, barns, and other structures. The probability of lead in this paint is strong. If you are not making dust with the old paint or chewing on it and your whole house is not filled with this old paint, you should be fine. We also seal the wood with a lacquer or wax finish to protect the chip and preserve the wood.

Online sales, restocks, and releases: How to snag a piece of Skräp Work

Why are restocks necessary?

Because every piece of Skräp Work is made by hand and pieces sell out quickly is why I hold scheduled restock sales and can’t keep them in constant stock.

When & where do restocks happen?

Right now most Skräp Work is restocked using our online shop every 4-6 weeks at a specified time. The best way to keep in the know is to subscribe to our mailing list and to turn on notifications for our social media accounts. I have been known to add a small number of products online and announce them using Instagram and Facebook stories. All other restocks and releases are announced via email with all the details included.

What are product previews?

A preview of everything new being added to the site is available the night before or the day of the online sale. Some of the items sell out quickly. This preview gives you time to look at all the one-of-a-kind pieces and pick out which ones you may want to purchase. There will be a countdown on the products. When the time runs out, the items go live for you to add to your cart. You should not have to refresh your page if you are watching the countdown.

How does the product timer work?

Each customer has 15 minutes from the time they add an individual item to the cart to purchase it. The timers are for the individual product NOT your entire cart. Adding a new product to your cart does NOT restart your 15 minutes.

Example:  There are 2 minutes left to purchase item one and 10 minutes to purchase item two. You wait 5 minutes to pay for you items. At this point, you've lost item one but still have five minutes to purchase item two.

If your product's timer runs out, it will be removed and put back into stock for others to purchase. This is why some listings do not say “SOLD OUT”. A listing will only be marked sold out when all items have been paid for. If you don't see SOLD OUT, don't give up hope! Your favorite item's timer is ticking down and could be brought back into stock.

Are there tricks to paying quickly?

The time it takes you to pay is included in the timer, so don't wait until you have 30 seconds left to start the payment process. It's best to be logged in to PayPal or have an account set up before you check out to save a little time.

I live in the area. How do I get my items if I choose local pick-up?

If you choose the local pick-up option at checkout, let me know what works best for pick-up via email ( or text (563-379-7450). At the moment I offer pick-ups at my home, workshop in Spillville, or at the schoolhouse in Ridgeway. I will give you more details as needed.

I don't live in the area but accidentally chose the local pick-up option. What now?

If you accidentally chose local pick-up but want it shipped, please notify me via email ( or text (563-379-7450). I am more than happy to charge the appropriate shipping and get it sent out to you.