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New design alert!! Introducing the Marshall design launching Wednesday April 28th @8 PM CST

Posted: March 5, 2021 in Product News | Shop Notice | Skräp Work News | Upcoming Event

I have been having  fun playing around with a few new designs and am excited to launch what I have done this far! The new Marshall design is a variation of reclaimed ship lap, maple and white chippy wood. The dimensional lines with the variety of wood species give these pieces that modern feel with a bit of rustic charm.

I have to be honest, this restock is a bit small. Juggling a bit more than I expected this past month I had to put a few things on hold. I had all intentions of a mothers day gift box, but I will be putting that on hold along with a few new updates on products. I promise to bring back some products like the wooden ledges and metal words.  Its still all in the works. I did manage to restock a few sunburst and crosses for this weeks sale. This past month has been a take what we can get approach and we will continue strong moving forward!  Release and restock will happen Wednesday April 28th @ 8 PM CST! Previews will be up that afternoon!