Skräp Work

Our signature pieces and wood art is an eclectic assortment of reclaimed lumber. The wood originates from barns, houses and other buildings typically dating from the late 1800's to early 1900's. With very few exceptions the wood is of natural color and patina making each piece unique. Each piece of wood is hand selected with its color and texture in mind and placed to bring out the natural beauty and imperfections. We like to call it "imperfectly perfect"!

Shop Notice

Mark your calendars for some one-of-a-kind Skräp hearts to launch Saturday, January 30th. @ 9 AM CST. These are made in small batches will be limited with a future restock or preorder option. Using a mix of reclaimed wood and new wood each heart is one of a kind, handmade, and made with lots of love by myself. I have started to pair some of my work with a few other maker friends to sell in sets to give or gift yourself. There will be a few options just in time for Valentines and or Galentines with the new Skrap heart trivets paired with an XOXO candle from Dirt Road Candle Co. and a few other little surprises. I enjoy packaging your orders and sending them off to you, a friend, or a loved one. Remember if you want something sent to someone make a note at checkout and I will include a handwritten note to them from you. Add their address in the shipping info and you are set! Previews will be up the night before so you can see all the goods and have time to browse before everything goes live!


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