Skräp Work

Our signature pieces and wood art is an eclectic assortment of reclaimed lumber. The wood originates from barns, houses and other buildings typically dating from the late 1800's to early 1900's. With very few exceptions the wood is of natural color and patina making each piece unique. Each piece of wood is hand selected with its color and texture in mind and placed to bring out the natural beauty and imperfections. We like to call it "imperfectly perfect"!

Shop Notice


New Design Alert! This Wednesday I will be launching the new Marshal design along with a few sunbursts and crosses! Wednesday April 28th @ 8PM CST

I have been having  fun playing around with a few new designs and am excited to launch what I have done this far! The new Marshall design is a variation of reclaimed ship lap, maple and white chippy wood. The dimensional lines with the variety of wood species give these pieces that modern feel with a bit of rustic charm.

I have to be honest, this restock is a bit small. Juggling a bit more than I expected this past month I had to put a few things on hold. I had all intentions of a mothers day gift box, but I will be putting that on hold along with a few new updates on products. I promise to bring back some products like the wooden ledges and metal words.  Its still all in the works. I did manage to restock a few sunburst and crosses for this weeks sale. This past month has been a take what we can get approach and we will continue strong moving forward!  Release and restock will happen Wednesday April 28th @ 8 PM CST! Previews will be up that afternoon!


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