Wooden Hearts + OOLY Switch-eroo! Color-Changing Markers


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These kits were inspired by my own kids. They love to create their own cutouts and request them often. We have enjoyed OOLY art supplies for several years and love the quality these products bring to the creative table. I wanted to include something with the wooden cutouts you can continue to use after you have finished your pieces. These markers and paints last a long time and allow you to create many more art pieces!

Set includes:

1 - Set of 12 OOLY Switch-Eroo markers

2- 3 inch wooden hearts with magnets

1- 5"x4.25" wooden heart

Hearts come in a clear bag tied with a recycled sari ribbon and hand stamped note card.  Sari ribbon colors will vary.


+Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers are a set of 12 chiseled tip color markers. Add an extra artsy with these mystery color-changing tools. Color Changing Markers 12 colors in the set.  Chiseled tips and a chunky barrel. Suitable for Ages 3 and up.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in