About Us

                 The Father Daughter Team of
                       NEI Architectural Salvage & Skräp Work   

Dan, a carpenter by trade, has retired the tool belt and now tears down old structures board by board and salvages historic craftsmanship, lumber, and everything old and interesting. His passion for antiques has been evolving the past 35 plus years and he has acquired a large inventory of antique and architectural artifacts. 

Changing from a dental assistant career, his daughter Dawn brings you Skräp Work. She is using her creative mind and learning how to use power tools to make unique pieces from salvaged materials. She enjoys adding old vintage charm to new and functional pieces. Color, texture and old chippy paint are her favorite.

Together they make up NEI Architectural Salvage and Skräp Work.                                                                                                                 

                                                                                     Reclaimed • Repurposed • Remembered           





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